Things to consider when using a storage locker

We know that you store your valuable things at home. There are a lot of them at home. But, one thing  is for sure, you do not know where you will store those important documents. Research has shown that one out of four people may have lost their documents or could not find it when they need it. You should know that jewelry and money are not the only things worth stealing. Your social security information and even your tax return are equally valuable.

So, check out this guide to help you know what documents to keep in your storage locker. Make sure that you keep these documents safe and away from the wrong hands. Those which can use these documents and put you at risk.


The following are the important documents to store:

1. Annual Tax return

Yes, it is true that you are required to keep the supporting documents for a number of years. But after that, you can throw them away. Make sure that your annual tax returns are filed in one folder. You have to keep them forever. Depending on your laws, it might take a particular length of time to perform an audit. After that period, you can get rid of those receipts or evidences.


2. Will

So, if you have already drafted your last will and testament, keep it there. Your attorney may also have a copy, the original one. But, you should have your own. You will have two copies, one left at home, and one in the bank or your trusted administrator.


3. Passport

This is very important especially if you are travelling. If you are on the go, make sure to have a copy of your passport with you. Keep it always in your bag. When you're at home, however, lock it up in your storage locker.


4. Birth Certificate

You and your family members have birth certificates. So, you have to keep it at home. You must have a copy of each birth certificate. Then, make sure to keep the original in your storage locker. Lock it and keep it safe there. Your birth certificate is a requirement for almost any transaction with the state.


5. Social Security Cards

These are very important indeed. Anyone who will have access to your information can use your identity for purchases and a lot more. It is discouraged to carry these whenever you go. Have it copied and keep your original at home in your storage locker.